The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Open Show April 2005

BIS:Helenwood Ruby Slippers
Quettadene Classic Ebony
BPIS & BOS: Claramand X Factor

Judge: Grace Morris

Judge's Critique (PDF file)

Special Red,Gold,Liver Puppy
1 Claramand X Factor  BPIS & BOS
2 Claramand must be an Angel
3 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand
4 Merryhaze Miss Teak for Christol

Special Red,Gold,Liver Junior : No entries

Special Red, Gold, Liver Graduate
1 Sharemead Saffron
2 Chavez Royal Legacy

Special Red, Gold, Liver Open
1 Othamcourt Sunkist at Cascadia
2 Idumiso Pepper

Special Black, Black & Tan Puppy
1 Kyrenia Shannon
2 Chavez Royal Quest
3 Sheigra Sixties Song
4 Cutel Careless Gypsey of Fernlow

Special Black, Black & Tan Junior
1 Helenwood Ruby Slippers  BIS
2 Sarabar Loco Lola
3 Maljona Mistress Madrigal at Jalankiu
4 Annashonn Mr Billy
5 Asquannes Grania with Franaille

Special Black, Black & Tan, Graduate
1 Point to Point To Kyrenia
2 Chavez Country Bumkin
3 Deracor Dawn Chorus at Fairlynn
4 Claramand Thriller at Fendrove
5 Donmyl Dantoinette

Special Black, Black & Tan Open
1 Helenwood Fixation
2 Indumiso Foxglove
3 Yesell's Penny Royal

Special Any Solid Colour Minor Puppy Dog
1 Quetadene Warm Welcome

Special Any Solid Colour Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Quettadene Be Charming
2 Charbonnel Promises Of Keladity
3 Fonesse Fabrenza
4 Cutel Chasing Dreams over Astrabrook
5 Cutel Careless Gypsey Of Fernlow

Special Any Solid Colour Puppy Dog
1 Paisley's Dream Maker for Claramand
2 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand

Special Any Solid Colour Puppy Bitch
1 Chavez Chantress
2 Claramand Must Be an Angel
3 Sheigra Sixties Song
4 Asquannes Grace Kelly At Annashonn
5 Claramnd Black Diamond for Fendrove

Special Any Solid Colour Junior
1 Helenwood Tuscany
2 Maljona Mistress Madrigal At Jalankiu

Special Any Solid Colour Novice
1 Sarabar Mr Misterson
2 Cardamine Trade Secret
3 Helenwood Shine on at Glasdin
4 Sharemead Shoe Black

1 Helenwood Sparklyn
2 Claramand Chances Are for Christiol
3 Kyrenia Candy Floss
4 Yesell's Penny Royal

1 Quettadene Classic Ebony RBIS
2 Sheigra Shooting Star
3 Cardamine Bring Me Love

Special Beginners
1 Sharemead Saffron
2 Helenwood Shine On at Glasedin
3 Maljiona Misstress Madrigal at Jalakiu
4 Indumiso Foxglove
5 Donmyl Dantoinette

Open Dog
1 Helenwood Fixation
2 Cardamine Hot Potato
3 Lochdene Pinpoint to Kyrenia
4 Indumiso Pepper

Open Bitch
1 Sheigra Solar Symohony
2 Indumiso Foxglove

1 Asquannes Gopenge
2 Sharemead O'Connor
3 Donmyl Gentle Despot