The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Open Show April 2006

Open Show April 2006

L-R BIS: Claramand X Factor
RBIS: Canigou Classic Cliche
BOS: Canigou Classic Rock
BPIS: Fonesse Flake
BMPIS: Claramand Luvinit Luvinit

Judge: Ms A Baker

Spec Red, Gold, Liver, Liver &Tan Puppy
1 Fonesse Flake
2 Charbonnel Fair Femme
3 Claramand In Gold
4 Helenwood Wiggle Dance
5 Delindere Nordic Maid

Spec Red, Gold, Liver, Liver & Tan Junior
1 Claramand Kiss Kiss
2 Chocolate Scooby Snack

Spec Red, Gold, Liver, Liver & Tan Graduate - All Absent

Spec Red, Gold, Liver, Liver & Tan Open
1 Claramand X Factor Jw
2 Cardamine Hot Potatoe

Spec Blk Or Blk & Tan Puppy
1 Kianzo Magic Moment

Spec Blk Or Blk & Tan Junior - All Absent

Spec Blk, Blk & Tan Graduate
1 Canigou Classic Rock
2 Charbonnel Starlette
3 Judika Whisper
4 Sheigra Sixties Song
5 Cardamine Sable Flame

Spec Blk Or Blk & Tan Open
1 Helenwood Tuscany

Any Solid Colour Minor Puppy Dog
1 Claramand Serious Black

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Claramand Luvinit Luvinit
2 Snowgate Pepper
3 Cascadia I Candy
4 Pendledell Pandora
5 Kianzo Sweet Magic

Puppy Dog - no results

Puppy Bitch - All Absent

1 Canigou Classic Cliche

Novice - no results

1st Charbonnel Starlette

Post Graduate - no results

Special Beginners
1 Charbonnel Promises Of Keladity
2 Asquannes Grania With Franaille Jw
3 Claramand Thriller Queen
4 Kinsdale Kind Of Magic

Open Dog
1 Charbonnel Interlord
2 Asquannes Goldstein At Franaille ??
3 Sheigra Shooting Star ??

Open Bitch - All Absent

Veteran - No Entries.