The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Open Show October 2002

BIS October 2002

L-R: Young's Canyonn Classic Black (BPIS),
Pudney's Othamcourt Sunkist at Cascadia J.W (RBIS),
Parkinson & Dillon's Quettadene Amelia at Dillonpark (BIS)

Judge: Jenny Miller

Judge's Critique (PDF file)

Puppy Red/Golden/Liver/Liver &Tan
1 Glenbrows Never Say Never At Claramand
2 Sharemead Saffron
3 Serenata Angel Eyes
4 Cardamine Bear With Me
5 Wensum I'm Your Man

Junior Red/Golden/Liver/Liver &Tan
1 Helenwood Technique
2 Sheigra Solar Symphony JW
3 Donmyl Dernier Cri

Graduate Red/Golden/Liver/Liver &Tan
1 Charbonnel Wildchild At Quintavia
2 Charbonnel In The Red
3 Claramand Look Who's Talking JW

Open Red/Golden/Liver/Liver &Tan
1 Othamcourt Sunkist At Cascadia
2 Sheigra Special Vintage JW
3 Judika Prairie Gold

Puppy Black/Black &Tan
1 Robraine Rahanna
2 Waterwood Forever Innocent
3 Young's Canyonn Classic Dream
4 Linsloc Eclipse Over Claramand
5 Sharemead Shoe Black

Junior Black/Black &Tan
1 Quettadene Amelia At Dillonpark
2 Waterwood Selene
3 Claramand Bo Peep

Graduate Black/Black &Tan
1 Helenwood Irresistabelle
2 Waterwood Selene
3 Cardamine Jack To A King
4 Jimmison Noel At Glenntree
5 Charbonnel Warzone At Quintavia

Open Black/Black &Tan
1 Chavez Royal Purser
2 Charbonnel Playtime At Quitavia
3 Donmyl Double Entendre

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Canyonn Classic Black
2 Sharemead Shoe Black
3 Chimewood Take It Easy
4 Wensum Jensen Button
5 Cardamine Playback

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Jimmison Jinseng
2 Cardamine Fine Feather
3 Sharemead Saffron
4 Wensum Mardi Gras
5 Glenntree Miss Attitude

Puppy Dog
1 Waterwood Forever Happy
2 Glenbrow's Never Say Never At Claramand
3 Robraine Davendra
4 Richian Best News
5 Sharemead Shoe Black

Puppy Bitch
1 Robraine Rahanna
2 Serenata Angel Eyes
3 Kinsdale Altostratus
4 Saltram Gracious Gift For Harbethol
5 Sunzo Sousa

1 Quettadene Amelia At Dillonpark
2 Helenwood Technique
3 Waterwood Selene
4 Cardamine Jacobean
5 Terbryden Rocket Socks

1 Helenwood Technique
2 Glenntree Graceful
3 Charbonnel Yvette At Canerikie

1 Helenwood Technique
2 Waterwood Selene

1 Waterwood Selene

Post Graduate
1 Charbonnel Romantic avec Quintavia

Open Dog
1 Cardamine Hot Potato
2 Sharemead Stroller
3 Deracor Deliverance

Open Bitch
1 Sheigra Swinging Sixties
2 Helenwood Amere
3 Stanemara Nerys Of Chimewood

1 Sharemead O'Connor
2 Chavez Ray Of Gold